[descriptions] Contacts


[descriptions] Sleepy with Contacts On

May 2017

Not everyone will get this but some will.

 I am lying down and I am sleepy. I am drowsy and could easily let go and fall into deep slumber.

But I have my contacts on still and I cannot sleep with them on. I know I must get up and take them out.

But I do not get up to take them out because I feel the pull of sleep so strongly. I am so tired that every action is monumental.

As strong as I feel the pull of sleep, I also feel strongly the reluctance to wake several hours later with contacts plastered onto my retina, the whites of my eyes bloodshot red with thousands of tiny capillaries that have been deprived of oxygen and muffled by silicone.

I am laying down and I am in a state of tension. Two pulls exert themselves on me simultaneously.

At some point, being in a an extended state of tension becomes very bothersome and stronger than either of the two individual pulls.

I get up and take my contacts off, and then go to bed.