[commentary] Culture Shows


[commentary] Culture Shows

April 2017

“We live in an age of mass produced images/sounds/and stories- where entertainment and culture is something that comes from above us- something external- something received from artists out yonder. This is okay, I mean who doesn’t love sharing the latest song or a good show that we’ve recently watched.

But I also think every individual has a creative side, and loves sharing their creations. I know this because everytime I get coffee with a friend, I feel this powerful desire to share all the thoughts, feelings, and ideas spinning through my head, and I have to really restrain myself and make sure to listen as much as I speak.

In my opinion, Art and performance is one place where we can speak, unabashedly and honestly. When our community gathers around a stage and sits quiet for a performer, I think it’s kind of like a really good and fulfilling conversation. One speaks, and the other just really listens to them, enjoying their uniqueness, celebrating their beauty.

Tonight is a toast to our Community, and all the Creators amongst us. We all carry unique voices, stories, and talents- and tonight is about sharing that. Our community has some brilliant dancers, drummers, singers, and storytellers. Let’s celebrate that. I hope you’ll enjoy the show.”


The excerpt above is from an opening address I delivered at the UCBerkeley KASA Culture Show. They reflect some of my opinions on mass culture and how it can often erode local community cultural spaces. When we lose theses spaces, we lose something very fundamental to Community.